Windows Problem

Is your computer running slower than it should? Do you have problems with your games, applications or software loading? Do any of your games, programs or software crash unexpectedly? There are many factors that could cause this and Windows Problem

Problem Solving 2000  v.1.0

A real-life problem is presented like A couple with three children want to have a quiet weekend together. What is the best way to ensure that?


Printer Problem Solver  v.3.10

The Printer Problem Solver is a utility designed to aid you in keeping your USB printer functioning by helping you with issues that could occur at anytime without warning such as print spool jams, registry issues, viruses, high CPU usage from spoolsv

Statistics Problem Solver  v.2 2

Statistics Problem Solver is a simple application intended for statistics students that has the ability to solve many types of statistical problems providing step-by-step solutions so they can easily understand them and learn.

-The Secretary Problem-  v.6.0

-The Secretary Problem- is developed by Beth Chance (Programming by Esther Holmes) Features: - The candidates are totally ordered from best to worst with no ties; -The candidates arrive sequentially in random order; -

Records - Problem Oriented Wordprocessor  v.3 2

RECORDS is a FREE, multi-user, problem oriented, database and word processing report writer, optimized for data entry using voice recognition, and designed for medical care. Enter and maintain clients and their demographics,

Problem Solved  v.4 6

Problem Solved! 4.6 is a comprehensive but easy to use help desk program which includes both a windows based application and a mini-http server that you have running in less than an hour.

Maths Problem Solving Year 2  v.

Maths Problem Solving - Year 2 is the second of six books in the Maths Problem Solving series. The books have been written for teachers to use during the numeracy lesson. They cover the 'solving problem' objectives from the numeracy framework.

Travelling Salesman problem in the city  v.

Let's imagine for an example such situation.

Hourglass Problem

In this game you are given 2 hourglasses one of 7 minutes and the other of 11 minutes. Your task is to use these 2 hourglasses to measure times of 15 minutes and 24 minutes. Can you do that?

Monty Hall Problem  v.

Simulates a game similar to the finale of the TV game show Let's Make a Deal. You are shown three doors and select one. The host, Monty Hall, then shows you one of the doors contains a goat.

Puzzled - Logic Problem Solver  v.1.3

This java program will ultimately solve grid-type logic problems if given enough clues in a pseudo english language.

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